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Manual sections have been revised as a result of Standard Specification,
policy, and procedural changes and may contain updated language,
information, corrections, and references. Bracketed Standard Specification
section numbers refer to the 2006 Standard Specifications. Changes have
been tracked in color and lines that are located in the margin indicate
text to be added, deleted, moved, or corrected. At this time, please
disregard pagination, formatting, and missing section sidebars.

Draft revised sections and summaries of changes to the sections (as listed
below) are posted on our website:


Section 4-61, “Culvert and Drainage Pipe Joints”
   Updates reference to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.

   Includes SSP 61-010 (2006) which was incorporated into Section 61

   Distinguishes between watertightness and field leakage testing.

   Clarifies payment provisions.

Section 4-62, “Alternative Culverts”

   Updated to incorporate three new 2010 Standard Specifications sections,
      "Alternative Slotted Pipe," "Temporary Culverts," and "Concrete
      Backfill for Pipe Trenches."

Section 4-63, “Reserved”

   Former Section 4-63, “Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe,” deleted from the
      2010 Standard Specifications because of the availability of
      alternative solutions. This section reserved for a future topic.

Section 4-64, “Plastic Pipe”

   Expanded to include slotted plastic pipe.

   Adds certificate of compliance requirement and rapid strength concrete
      mix design submittals

   Clarifies unacceptable pipe materials.

   Clarifies handling, storage, and placement language.

   Modifies for potential watertightness requirements.

   Adds measurement and payment information.

Section 4-65, “Concrete Pipe”

   Changes SI units to US customary units.

   References nonreinforced concrete pipe section of Standard
      Specifications (65-3).

Section 4-66, “Corrugated Metal Pipe”

   Modifies opening paragraph concerning pipe designations.

   Adds slotted corrugated steel pipe construction guidance.

   Provides additional guidance for measurement and payment of the work.

   Updates reference to the Construction Manual.

   Removes pipe jacking guidelines because pipe jacking is not included in
      the 2010 Standard Specifications, Revised Standard Specifications, or
      related Standard Special Provisions (SSP). Significant changes are
      being made to the pipe jacking specifications and will be implemented
      through the SSP process at a later date. Once finalized, the need for
      associated construction guidelines will be evaluated.

Section 4-67, “Structural Plate Culverts”

   Modifies section title to align with new section title in 2010 Standard

   Updates references to 2010 Standard Specifications and Construction

   Revised measurement and payment section.

Section 4-68, “Subsurface Drains”

   Adds geocomposite drain as fourth type of subsurface drain, which was
      included in the 2010 Standard Specifications.

   Changes SI units to US customary units.

   Updates references to Sections 65 and 68 of the Standard Specifications.

Section 4-69, “Overside Drains”

   Updates Standard Plan reference sheets to align with 2010 Standard Plans

   Updates references to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.

   Updates Traffic Manual references.

Section 4-70, “Miscellaneous Drainage Facilities”

   Modifies section title to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.

   Modifies description of items covered to accommodate expanded subject

   Generalizes payment guidance to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.

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