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Manual sections have been revised as a result of Standard Specification,
policy, and procedural changes and may contain updated language,
information, corrections, and references. Bracketed Standard Specification
section numbers refer to the 2006 Standard Specifications. Changes have
been tracked in color and lines that are located in the margin indicate
text to be added, deleted, moved, or corrected. At this time, please
disregard pagination, formatting, and missing section sidebars.

Draft revised sections and summaries of changes to the sections (as listed
below) are posted on our website:


Section 4-75, “Miscellaneous Metal”

   -Updates references to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.
   -Includes web address for applicable Structures manuals.

Section 5-0, “Conduct of the Work”

   -Updates references to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.
   -Updates language to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.
   -Provides web link to Labor Surcharge and Equipment Rental Rates book.
   -Corrects web link to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Section 5-5, “Emergency Contract Administration”

   -Changes director’s contract authority from $131,000 to $270,000.
   -Adds “emergency limited bid contract language and web link to
   -Changes name of Form ADM-0366.
   -Eliminates service contract language.
   -Updates terminology to align with 2010 Standard Specifications.
   -Incorporates CPB 10-3 describing process for using new forms for fund
      requests, and information on payment procedures and emergency
   -Adds language that boiler plate contract and sample provisions on
      emergency force account and emergency limited bid contracts is
   -Adds web address for the Department of Conservation SMARA information.
   -Deletes Section 5-511, “Sample Provisions for Emergency Force
      Accounts,” because provisions are now available through the Division
      of Procurement and Contracts.

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