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We have posted Construction Procedure Directives 15-4, "Recycled Water Usage for Landscaping," and 15-5, "Water Conservation-Implementation of Caltrans' 2015 Drought Action Plan Commitments" on our website:

Construction Procedure Directive 15-4, "Recycled Water Usage for Landscaping"
This directive supports Caltrans efforts to use recycled water as much as possible to meet Caltrans' goal of 50 percent reduction of potable water consumption. It announces an update to Form FA-2134, "Utility Services Request," which includes a row for reporting recycled water quantity measurements. It includes actions that must be taken for ongoing contracts to install "Using Recycled Water" information signs throughout the state to inform the public where recycled water is being used for landscaping. A sample change order memo and sample change order are attached.

Construction Procedure Directive 15-5, "Water Conservation-Implementation of Caltrans' 2015 Drought Action Plan Commitments"
This directive provides guidance to delay or delete planting on Caltrans projects due to California's ongoing drought conditions and to meet Caltrans 2015 Drought Action Plan commitments. Sample change order memorandums and sample change orders are attachments to the directive.

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