Construction Procedure Directives 15-2 and 15-3 Issued

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We have posted Construction Procedure Directives 15-2, "Final Materials Certification Form," and 15-3, "Proper Charging for Stormwater Contract Administration Work" on our website:

Construction Procedure Directive 15-2, "Final Materials Certification Form"
This directive serves as a reminder to create and retain construction records, including Form CEM-6302, "Final Materials Certification," in accordance with Construction Manual guidance.

Construction Procedure Directive 15-3, "Proper Charging for Stormwater Contract Administration Work"
This directive introduces the establishment of seven reporting codes for the new Work Breakdown Structure Level 5 activity 280. It explains how to properly charge for time spent on administration of permits, licenses, agreements, and certifications, and environmental stewardship in general. Usage of the proper activity and reporting codes will help to reasonably determine the portion of environmentally-related support costs in Caltrans' overall capital support costs.

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