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We have posted Construction Policy Bulletins 17-2, "Crumb Rubber Usage," and 17-3, "Subbases and Bases Quality Assurance Revised Standard Specifications," on our website:

Construction Policy Bulletin 17-2, "Crumb Rubber Usage"
This bulletin notifies resident engineers that new contract requirements are being implemented to more accurately report crumb rubber usage when asphalt rubber binder or performance grade modified asphalt binder containing crumb rubber are used for projects under Revised Standard Specifications dated April 15, 2016 or later. Suppliers of crumb rubber modifier must be on the authorized materials list and production equipment must be authorized by Caltrans' Material Plant Quality Program. The bulletin also provides submittal information for Form CEM-4410, "Crumb Rubber Usage Report," which is required to be submitted monthly and at the end of the project  to improve accuracy of reporting.

Construction Policy Bulletin 17-3, "Subbases and Bases Quality Assurance Revised Standard Specifications"
This bulletin provides guidance to construction staff for quality assurance provisions within the Revised Standard Specifications for subbases and bases. The bulletin includes guidelines for the review of the contractor quality control plan submittals for these materials.

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