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Dear Construction Manual Update Subscribers,

We have posted Manual Change Transmittal 17-1, which notifies construction field staff that the Construction Manual has been superseded in its entirety by a new edition updated to align with the 2015 Standard Specifications. The transmittal lists Construction Policy Bulletins and Construction Procedure Directives that have been incorporated into the manual or eliminated with this update and summarizes changes made to each section of the manual. Construction Policy Bulletins will continue to be issued as needed. Please note that example change orders, templates, and standard clauses; Weekly Statement of Working Days examples; and claims examples have been removed from the manual and posted under the titles Change Order Information, Contract Time, and Claims on Construction's internet home page at:

In addition, the following web pages have been updated to reflect this change:

Construction Manual Change Transmittals (MCTs):
Construction Manual:
Construction Policy Bulletins (CPBs):
Construction Procedure Directives (CPDs):
Eliminated Construction Procedure Directives (CPDs):

Construction Publications

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