CPB 18-2, "Implementation of Automated Machine Guidance"

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We have posted CPB 18-2, "Implementation of Automated Machine Guidance" on our website:

This bulletin directs that new contracts with more than 5,000 cubic yards of earthwork include automated machine guidance (AMG) specifications for contractor's optional use of AMG. The Department makes electronic design files available to bidders during project advertisement as described in Section 2-1.06B, "Supplemental Project Information," of the Standard Special Provisions and Standard Specifications.  Standard Special Provisions Sections 5-1.24B, "Department Construction Surveys for Automated Machine Guidance"; 5-1.25, "Automated Machine Guidance"; and 5-1.26, "Grade Quality Control," apply to use of AMG instead of the past practice of issuing a change order with AMG requirements.

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