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We have posted MCT 18-7, announcing updates to Sections 4-83, "Railings and Barriers"; MCT 18-8, announcing changes to 5-3, "Change Orders"; and MCT 18-9, announcing changes to Section 5-4, "Disputes" of the Construction Manual on our website:

MCT 18-7:
Section 4-83, "Railings and Barriers"

This update incorporates guidance from Construction Policy Bulletin 17-6, "Minor Concrete Vegetation Control."

* Section 4-8301, "General," refers to Traffic Safety Systems Guidance, which supersedes previous references to the Traffic Manual, and provides a new link.

* Section 4-8302, "Before Work Begins," requires verification that concrete vegetation control has been incorporated in the contract plans and adds requirements for field inspections to check for appropriateness of plans for minor vegetation control and if additional steps are needed to prepare for construction.

* Section 4-8302A, "Metal Beam Guard Railing, Thrie Beam Barrier, and Midwest Guardrail System," updates references for guidance on adjustments that may be needed for guardrail installation.

* Section 4-8303A, "Metal Beam Guard Railing, Thrie Beam Barrier, and Midwest Guardrail System," refers to Traffic Safety Systems Guidance, which supersedes previous references to the Traffic Manual. Details provide added guidance for items to check prior to placing minor concrete and final surfaces required.

MCT 18-8:
Section 5-3, "Change Orders"
Updates include updated citations and a clarifications for time adjustments:
* Updates link in Section 5-302, "Change Order Policy," to
* In Section 5-306C (3a), "Extra Work at Agreed Prices," and 5-306C (3b), "Extra Work at Force Account," deletes reference to specific change order examples for flagging or increased bid item quantities.
* In Table 5-3.2, "Specification of Physical Asset (Character 2)," updates Code H to Standard Specification 5-1.36C, "Nonhighway Facilities," to conform to updated specifications and the Project Delivery Procedures Manual and updated Standard Specifications.
* In Section 5-308A, "Projects of Division Interest," updates the link to the Stewardship and Oversight Agreement.
* In Section 5-311A, "Division of Construction Approval," clarifies that a change resulting in a time adjustment of working days should read, "10 percent or more than 19 working days of original working days, whichever is greater."
* Updates Section 5-313, "Executed Change Order Copy Distribution," to include current name and link for Desk Guide for the Electronic Distribution of Approved Contract Change Orders.
* Updates Section 5-314, "Value Engineering Change Proposals," reference to Section 3-405, "Value Engineering," of this manual.

MCT 18-9:
Section 5-4, "Disputes"
Updates to this section reflect the newly granted authority to the district directors in settling construction contract claims up to $200,000. Other minor changes are also included in this transmittal:
* Section 5-406C, "Preliminary Construction Claim Findings Completed-Target Day 110," updates reference to the Independent Office of Audits and Investigations, formerly the Division of Audits and Communications.

* Section 5-406H, "District Director Determination of Claims-Target Day 230," reflects the addition that a region director may delegate authority for approval of claims to a director in a district served by a region.

* Section 5-407, "Claim Settlements," delineates who may approve of a claim settlement request.
* Section 5-410A, "Audit Request Procedure," updates the number of days for completion of an audit by the Independent Office of Audits and Investigations after receipt of a request.
* Table 5-4.1, "Required Post Acceptance Event Codes and Dates," updates claims database codes and dates.
* Table 5-4.2, "Delegation of Authority," updates settlement and arbitration authority at the district and region level.

These transmittals announce updates and corrections to the Caltrans Construction Manual, which include the following:

  *   If applicable, updated cross-references to other Construction Manual or Standard Specifications sections.
  *   If applicable, updated broken or changed web links and changed titles to other documents or manuals.
  *   Updated organizational changes to align with policy or procedures updated after publishing the most recent Construction Manual edition, July 2017.
  *   Changed all section footers to update publication date on the Construction Manual page at to November 2018.

Please note the updates, and print new sections for your manual as needed.

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