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We have posted MCT 18-6, announcing updates to Sections 4-39, "Asphalt Concrete"; 4-92, "Asphalt Binders"; 8-1, "Labor Compliance"; Section 8-2, "Equal Employment Opportunity"; and Section 8-3, "Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises" of the Construction Manual on our website:

Section 4-39, "Asphalt Concrete"
* Updates Section 4-3902C, "Job Mix Formula Review," with links to lists of approved asphalt suppliers. Crumb rubber modifier suppliers must be on the authorized material list for crumb rubber modifiers.
* Updates Section 4-3902G, "Plant Operations," to specify that production equipment for performance grade modified asphalt binder with crumb rubber modifier needs to be Caltrans-qualified.
* In Section 4-3902I, "Prepaving Conference" specifies that the resident engineer and the contractor in a prepaving conference discuss the requirement that crumb rubber usage on a project must be reported monthly and at the end of a contract. Additionally, the discussion needs to include requirements for pulling density and data cores.
* Section 4-3903D (3), "Transporting and Spreading," updates guidance on longitudinal joints on finished surfaces.
* Section 4-3903D (7), "Smoothness," updates the overlay thickness from 0.20 feet to 0.25 feet thick to reflect recent specification changes that address smoothness of existing asphalt concrete surfaces. Deletes guidance on hot mix asphalt placed within 3 feet of a longitudinal joint. This section also recommends a review of Section 39, "Asphalt Concrete," of the Standard Specifications, for new requirements on pavement smoothness and lists a link to find a handbook and training videos on smoothness.
* In Section 4-3906, "Quality Control," updates the link to the location of certifications of inertial profilers and operators.
* Updates the name throughout of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO's) T 283 to "Standard Method of Test for Resistance of Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) to Moisture-Induced Damage."

Section 4-92, "Asphalt Binders"
* Section 4-9202, "Before Work Begins," includes a new link to asphalt suppliers lists and a requirement that crumb rubber modifier must be on an authorized material list and that equipment producing the modifier is authorized under the Materials Plant Quality Program.
* Updates Section 4-9203, "During the Course of Work" to include requirement to use Form CEM-4410, "Crumb Rubber Usage Report," monthly and at the end of the contract in accordance with Section 7-108, "Crumb Rubber Usage Reporting," of the Construction Manual.

Section 8-1, "Labor Compliance"
Minor updates including:
* Sections 8-102A (3), "Interviews With Contractor Personnel," and 8-103D (2), "Payrolls and Listings Involving Owner-Operator," to fix the name of Form CEM-2504 (Spanish) to "Entrevista de Empleado: Cumplimiento Laboral/IOE."
* Section 8-103D (2a) "Truck Owner-Operators," deletes reference to Form CEM-2510, "Truck Owner-Operator Certification of Ownership," which no longer is in use, but clarifies that the operator of a truck used on a job should be the registered owner in order to be considered an owner-operator.

Section 8-2, "Equal Employment Opportunity"
Minor updates including:
* Section 8-204, "Onsite Interviews," to fix the name of Form CEM-2504 (Spanish) to "Entrevista de Empleado: Cumplimiento Laboral/IOE."
* Section 8-206, "Contractor Employee Title VII Complaints-Discrimination Complaint Processing," updates the link to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing brochure for filing a complaint to and the link to instructions for filing a charge of employment discrimination to

Section 8-3, "Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises"
* Section 8-303C, "Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Joint Check Agreement Request Form," requires use of Form CEM-2407, "Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Joint Check Agreement Request," to track and monitor use of joint checks. The resident engineer verifies the form and monitors use of the joint check agreement on the project.
* Renumber Section 8-303D, "Preconstruction Conference."
* Section 8-304B (3), "Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Substitutions," updates guidance on requirements for use of Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise substitutions.

This transmittal announces updates and corrections to the Caltrans Construction Manual, which include the following:

  *   If applicable, updated cross-references to other Construction Manual or Standard Specifications sections.
  *   If applicable, updated broken or changed web links and changed titles to other documents or manuals.
  *   Updated organizational changes to align with policy or procedures updated after publishing the most recent Construction Manual edition, July 2017.
  *   Changed all section footers to update publication date on the Construction Manual page at to September 2018.

Please note the updates, and print new sections for your manual as needed.

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