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HQ Division of Construction, Stormwater Management Program has posted the following to its Storm Water and Water Pollution Control page at:

  1.  Seven Simplified Boilerplate WPCP Templates.  These templates are in Microsoft WORD and ADA compliant.
  2.  WPCP Template in FileMaker Pro.  The Access based WPCP template is no longer available.
  3.  Preparation Manual for WPCP FileMaker Pro Template

In addition we have uploaded Introduction to Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program - Module 1 to YouTube at:;!!LWi6xHDyrA!o4SrzeOmKOxL8x9WXtaz0xjSsfREuLqphTddtAX02wktrhF2VBJwiwHlSZ5DJkMtf1boTzAczVDfqVFROLy2GHu1zgYLgw$ 

This is the first module of seven Construction Stormwater online training modules.  We will upload the other modules shortly.

Also, there are 19 Caltrans HQ Division of Construction produced videos on installation, inspection, maintenance, and/or management of construction site BMPs on You Tube at:;!!LWi6xHDyrA!o4SrzeOmKOxL8x9WXtaz0xjSsfREuLqphTddtAX02wktrhF2VBJwiwHlSZ5DJkMtf1boTzAczVDfqVFROLy2GHsqXOnAUQ$ 

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