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MCT 21-6 [6/15/21]
Section 2-1, "Safety"
New guidance requires that the contractor perform and document project safety reviews and prepare a job hazard analysis for each work activity to be performed on the job at least 5 working days before the start of a work activity. During the project safety reviews, job hazard analyses are discussed for ongoing work activities and work activities to start within 5 working days.
Section 6-1, "Sample Types and Frequencies"
For the changes related to California Test 540, contractors and labs will need to accommodate sampling and testing 4- by 8-inch concrete cylinders, if they elect to use the smaller size. The change requires new molds and tamping rods for sampling, and new fittings in the lab for testing. The smaller cylinders, added to Section 90 of the Standard Specifications, are already used by many other states.
Section 6-3, "Field Tests"
Guidance for field test samples is updated in accordance with changes to California Test 540, which allows for the use of 4- by 8-inch concrete cylinders or 6- by 12-inch cylinders.

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